Snapdragon Stadium houses 33,000 seats in its main and upper concourses and additional 2,000 for standing room / general admission. The seating layout is intimate with a variety of viewpoints and lots of open space. Be warned there is little shade. Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. There are three levels of seating on the west side and two levels on the east side.

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Home Side

The west side is considered the home side.

Upper Concourse Level

Sections 323-334

Upper Suite Level

Suites US01, US02, US03, US04, US05, US06, US07, US08, US09, US10, US011

Sycuan Piers: Loge Boxes L01-L22, The Piers are located in the southwest corner of the stadium, a symbolic nod to San Diego’s coastal piers. Among their many amenities are picturesque sunset views.

Main Concourse Level

Lower Bowl
Sections 101-123, 133-141
Sections 202-212, 235-238

West Club: Sections C223-C231, LB232-LB 234
Dos Equis Club / East Club: Sections C106-C108, LB106, LB108 on the opposite side
Toyota Terrace: Sections T134, T135

Lower Suite Level

Suites LS01, LS02, LS03, LS04, LS05, LS06, LS07, LS08
Sycuan Founders Club: Suites FS01, FS02, FS03, FS04

Field Level

Cox Business Club / Field Club: Sections C124-132
Snapdragon Stadium Seating Chart

Row and Seat Numbers

Row and Seat Numbers are an important detail when shopping for the best seats. Row numbering goes from closest to the field (1) to furthest. Seats begin with 1 adjacent to the previous section. So for example in section 105, seat 1 is closest to section 104. This will be the north side of the east side seats and the south end of the west side seats.

Note: For some events, the Upper seats will not be sold until or unless the Lower Bowl sells out.

Accessible Seating

Accessible seating is available throughout the 100, Club, and 300 sections of Snapdragon Stadium.

Overall the seats themselves, as you may have heard, are not luxurious. They are narrow and thin plastic.

GA Supporter Section

The GA (stands for General Admission) Supporter Section spans sections 136, 137, 138, 139, and 140. These seats, on the North side behind the endzone / goal, are Standing Room Only. As such, they are for standing, only. In fact you may find the seat-backs physically locked. You are free to move around and roam, stand and cheer, and soak up the excitement. This section does not suit everyone’s taste — there will be drums — but for those for whom it is, it is sweet bliss. Just a warning, while it is safe, and encounters with disrespectful fans at the stadium are by far the exception, not everyone will find the Supporter Section family friendly.

Where Is The Best Place To Sit

Viewing the field from any section at Snapdragon, you simply cannot go wrong. Don’t stress about seat location too much. Every seat provides the electric thrill of a live gameday experience. That said, here are some tips to find the best seats:
  • To be sure, the Upper Bowl is going to introduce some relative distance between player and fan that may be less desirable. On the plus side, it allows the perspective to see the plays unfold.
  • In general, for the best seats at football games, sitting midfield (centered between the 30-yard lines) is ideal. As a counterpoint, sitting outside this zone is an opportunity to save some money.
  • Loge Boxes offer larger, more comfortable seats in a semi-private box. Tickets include access to a club lounge.
  • Sun & Shade can be a challenge. If you are attending a day game or late afternoon start in the summer, be forewarned (or is it just ‘warned’?) that shade cover is hard to come by. Especially on a hot day, this can zap your enjoyment of attending the game.
  • Endzone seats are a matter of personal preference, but can be very exciting during red zone drives – at least half the time. It’s a glass half-full/half-empty thing.
  • San Diego State Sideline – At Aztec games, the San Diego State sideline is in front of Section C126 – C130. If you are coming for the visiting team, sit behind their sideline in sections 105-109 or Club sections C106, C107 and C108.

    Note, the SDSU Student Sections are 135-141 and 235-238. These sections also have handrails.

    Best Seats For Soccer

    Snapdragon is not just home to San Diego State football games. It is the epicenter for soccer in San Diego and ranks competitively among any other city in California. The NWSL San Diego Wave FC play all their home games here and in 2025 the San Diego MLS team. It is the site of many guest matches and International Friendlies including the upcoming USWNT match. Here are some tips about where to sit to get the most value and enjoyment watching soccer games at Snapdragon:
    • Lower bowl / Field level gets you closer to the action, a feast for the senses. See the faces, feel the on-field energy, hear the sounds. If you are going to be there, why not feel like you are there. These, accordingly, are going to come with a price to match. You’ll find prices significantly drop in the upper sections.
    • Clubs and suites exchange that up-close intimacy with comfort and luxury. As moneyed experiences will often do. You’ll enjoy amenities like upscale food and beverage options and a little more elbow room in a plush and protected, climate-controlled environment.
    • Midfield will let you see great views of all the action. Higher rows provide a price break, better elevation and sight lines to see the structure of passes, set plays, offenses and defenses develop and take shape.
    • Seats in the corners provide a good compromise with a unique angle. You’ll be very close to one of the goals and have an amazing view for corner kicks.
    • Die-hard fans tend to congregate in the Supporter sections behind the goals. General admission means prepare to stand. But the excitement is unmatched.

    Best Seats For Concert

    Don’t be misled by previous notions of what it means to see a band at a stadium. Concerts at Snapdragon Stadium are comparatively intimate. Capacity is a cozy 35k (compare that to her old sister stadium Qualcomm’s 70k. Every section is going to provide a great view and will benefit from a pair of earplugs. Where you choose to sit then is a matter of dialing in closeness vs budget.

    When you go to purchase tickets, take note of whether the concert at Snapdragon is End Stage or Center Stage layout. All three major concerts in 2023 are End Stage layout (Coldplay, Pink, Guns and Roses). Snapdragon Stadium End Stage vs Center Stage Concert Seating Map

    Best Private Group Spaces

    Read more about Snapdragon Stadium’s private clubs and group meeting spaces including Cox Business Club, West Club, East Club, Dos Equis Club, Sycuan Piers, Cutwater Bar, Dos Equis Bar, Sycuan Founders Club and Thrive Park.

    How To Find The Best Seats

    After considering sun exposure for day events and proximity to amenities (aisles, restrooms, exits), your preferences play a big role in choosing the best seat. Most is a tug-of-war between wishlist and budget. Do you prefer being in the thick of the action, or a more comprehensive view of the entire event Do you have elderly companions or young children? When it comes to choosing seats, no two butts are alike.

    Stadium Maps

    Snapdragon Stadium has produced seat maps for General and Premium Seating at soccer, rugby, football and lacrosse games, as well as concerts with the previously mentioned Center Stage setup and End Stage setups.

    Interactive Seat Map

    For a view from your seat, a 3D Stadium Seating Map gives you a great perspective of seat locations and views. Check out this site, very cool!

    Holiday Bowl

    Watch for any updates to the seating chart ahead of the 2024 Holiday Bowl!

    Coming in 2025: Pitch Box Field Level Seating

    12 Pitch Boxes are coming to the west side of the stadium, offering field level views and direct access to the field-level club. These may be the best seats in Snapdragon Stadium.

    Get The App

    Helpful hint: Be sure to download the Snapdragon Stadium app, which provides directions right to your seat.

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