Supporting many high profile sports, concerts and events, there are more than 6,000 parking spaces at Snapdragon Stadium as well as a convenient overflow lot. It is recommended to reserve parking in advance, carpool, and/or take advantage of the trolley and other convenient public transportation.

Read on to make your experience as smooth as possible for SDSU football parking, San Diego Wave parking, and other events and concerts at Snapdragon.

Pay For Your Parking In Advance

This is the #1 tip. Do not show up at the stadium without first booking your parking space.

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Parking Lots at Snapdragon
There are five parking lots at Snapdragon Stadium:

  • Thrive Lot
  • Orange Lot
  • Green Lot
  • Yellow Lot
  • Purple Lot

    Thrive Lot

    The Thrive Park Lot is actually two lots: Thrive Lot North and Thrive Lot South. It is located West of the stadium. These lots are considered VIP and Premium Parking. They may have a higher cost depending on the event.

    Orange Lot

    The Orange Lot is located east of Snapdragon Stadium. It is the largest lot at the stadium and therefore sees the most tailgating action. The lot surface is unpaved gravel.

    Green Lot

    The Green Lot is also the Media Lot. It is located North of Snapdragon Stadium. Enter at Gate 1 (Mission Village Drive).

    Yellow Lot

    The Yellow Lot is located south of Snapdragon Stadium. Enter at Gate 5 (Friars Road at River Park Road).

    Purple Lot

    The Purple Lot is located Northeast of Snapdragon Stadium It is a General Admission parking lot. For Purple Lot access, enter at Gate 1 or Gate 2 (San Diego Mission Road).

    Parking Lot Entry Gates

    To access the parking lots, there are four entry gates. This can be confusing on gameday but there are ample signs to follow as you get close to the stadium. Try to be nice and even consider yielding to the clown who appears to be trying to cut you off. Here is some knowledge about Parking Lot Entry Gates:
    • Gate 1
      North of stadium
      Enter at Friars Road at Mission Village Drive
      Green Lot, Orange Lot, Purple Lot
    • Gate 2
      Northeast of Stadium
      Enter at San Diego Mission Road
      Green Lot, Orange Lot, Purple Lot
    • Gate 3
      East side of stadium
      Enter at Rancho Mission Road
      Orange Lot only
    • Gate 5
      Northwest of stadium
      Enter at River Park Road
      Thrive Park Lot, Yellow Lot

    Parking Prices

    How much does it cost to park at Snapdragon Stadium? Parking prices vary by event. Expect to pay ~$30 as a baseline, and as much as $50 for concerts and special events.
    • Note: Snapdragon is a cashless venue, even the parking lots.
    • Parking is the same price in advance. It is not any cheaper at the gate.

    Bike Parking

    At Snapdragon Stadium, there are bicycle racks conveniently placed outside the Northwest Gate, Northeast Gate, and along the east side of the stadium. Make sure to bring your own lock.


    For guests with disabilities, all parking lots at the stadium have designated parking spaces. First-come, first-served.

    FAQ: Is there free parking near Snapdragon?


    Know the Tailgating rules along with helpful hints and details before you arrive.

    Snapdragon Stadium Parking Tips

    1. Get there as early as you can to avoid congestion
    2. No saving spaces. Caravan in together if you want to park as a group (e.g. tailgate)
    3. Buy parking pass in advance. If not, reminder the Snapdragon Stadium venue does not accept cash onsite. Even the parking is cashless.
    4. Get the free Snapdragon Stadium app
    5. Take the trolley!

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