Snapdragon Stadium: Purchase Your Parking In Advance

Save a few bucks and even more headaches. Pre-purchase your Snapdragon Stadium parking before gameday. If you are unfamiliar with the parking situation at Snapdragon, read the Guide to Snapdragon Stadium Parking. If you are already caught up and just here to reserve parking, read on:

How To Pre-Purchase Parking

Order online in advance by date. You’ll find general admission parking passes for sports, concerts and other events at Snapdragon. Gate 2 is the designated pre-paid parking lane. The attendant will scan the code on your phone when you arrive and guide you into the lot.

Purchase Parking Now

Save On Parking

Often you can often save a few bucks picking up someone else’s unused parking spaces. It’s easy and instant through reseller sites who have their own parking inventory of fans trying to unload their parking passes, sometimes at a better price. If you get your hands on a good one, snatch it up. Drill down and find your event by date.

See Available Parking »

IMPORTANT: There may be limited spaces available on gameday but prices will likely be higher. This is why we recommend taking care of it in advance and securing your spot for the best price.

IMPORTANT #2: You can often bundle ticket and parking into one transaction and save a bit on fees.

More Parking Resources

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  • Take the trolley!

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