The Thrive Park Lot is actually two lots: Thrive Lot North and Thrive Lot South. It is located West of the stadium. Together they comprise Thrive Park.

Thrive Lot at Snapdragon

Thrive Park

Known as Kaiser Permanente Thrive Park, the space is utilized for more than just parking.

Is Thrive Park open to the public?
Yes, on non-event days the park is open to the public.

What are the hours?
Thrive Park is open from dawn to dusk.

Are dogs allowed?
No you cannot bring pets to Thrive Park.

Parking Details

The lots are grass, seven acres in total. The North Lot is larger, about 25% bigger than the South Lot. Prices vary by event.

These lots are considered VIP and Premium Parking. They may have a higher cost depending on the event.

Helpful tip: Pre-pay for parking

Snapdragon Parking Lots

Read more about Parking at Snapdragon Stadium. View map of parking lots. There are five parking lots at Snapdragon Stadium:
  • Thrive Lot
  • Orange Lot
  • Green Lot
  • Yellow Lot
  • Purple Lot

    Private Events

    Yes you may be able to reserve space at Thrive Park for a private event. Learn more

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