There is no such thing as a free lunch. But what about free parking near Snapdragon Stadium?

There is no free parking at the stadium (read the Parking Guide) but you may find some good fortune nearby.

On the west side of the IKEA / Costco shopping center, there are some residential side streets that have free parking. Look for Rio San Diego Drive and Fenton Parkway. (Note: do not park in that IKEA parking lot or you risk getting towed. Not worth it.)

There are also residential streets north off Mission Village Drive. Bring luck and comfortable walking shoes.

Free Park & Ride

As in “park your car and ride the trolley.” You’ll still pay a few bucks for the trolley but nothing compared to what you’d pay for parking at Snapdragon.

Best Lots To Park & Ride — Which station should you choose? The most convenient free parking lots at San Diego trolley stations are: Old Town Transit Center (412 spaces), Morena/Linda Vista (199 spaces), Fashion Valley (63 spaces), 70th Street (125 spaces), Grossmont Transit Center (220 spaces) and the El Cajon Transit Center (469 spaces).

You may have parked at Hazard Center in the past, but in 2023 there is no MTS parking allowed at the Hazard Center lot. Park at your own peril.

See all Park & Ride lots.

Ride Your Bike

Good for the lungs. Good for the heart. Good for the quads and glutes. Good for the mind. Good for the Earth. You’ll find plenty of bike racks at Snapdragon Stadium. Note: those Bird and Lime things are not allowed.

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