The Orange Lot is located east of Snapdragon Stadium. It is the largest lot at the stadium and therefore sees the most tailgating action.

Note: The lot surface is unpaved gravel. Keep this in mind if you are planning on tailgating or wearing cute shoes. Dirt is dirty. Dust is dusty.

Orange Lot at Snapdragon

Future construction of residential and retail structures are planned for the near future in the northwest portion of the Orange Lot, which is reportedly why it remains unpaved.

RV Parking

RV / Oversize Vehicle Parking is located in the Orange Lot only. An “oversized” vehicle is larger than 8.5 feet by 14 feet.

Snapdragon Parking Lots

Read more about Parking at Snapdragon Stadium. There are five parking lots at Snapdragon Stadium:
  • Thrive Lot
  • Orange Lot
  • Green Lot
  • Yellow Lot
  • Purple Lot

    Helpful tip: Pre-pay for parking

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    Snapdragon Stadium is located at:
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