Water Bottle Policy at Snapdragon
For almost every event, water bottles are allowed into Snapdragon Stadium. If there are exceptions, they will be noted. (One such exception is the 10/1 Guns N' Roses concert. For this event, you cannot bring in any water or refillable water.)

You are allowed to bring in bottles of water as long as they are sealed and unfrozen.

You can also take in refillable water bottles not larger than 32oz, and they must be empty. They can be filled and refilled inside. Plastic, metal, hydro-flasks, all ok. Hydration is absolutely a priority at this stadium. Especially during the day sitting in the sun.

You can refill your water bottle at one of the many water refill stations all over the stadium.

Refillable Water Station Locations - Near sections 101, 103, 117, 140, 326, West Club, 329, 331.

They also sell refillable water bottles in the Team Store.

Remember to drink before you are feeling thirsty. Drinking in shorter intervals is also more effective than gulping and chugging. Alcohol and coffee don't count and will in fact dehydrate you and set you back. Water has no calories!

Read the complete guide to items allowed at Snapdragon games and events.

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